If you are planing a trip to the island of Senja or to the Lofoten archipelago and need some information to plan your trip or someone to guide you around and help you to improve your photography skills feel free to contact me. I can also be available in Iceland , Italia(Dolomite), Fareo Island or other places around the world, Just contact me in the form with your thoughts and we together plan a memorable trip. In my private phototours we are shoot in the amazing landscapes we are surrounded with. In the right season we can also hunt the magic northern lights. In addition to this I can provide help and tuition in both LR or PS if you want. 

From 1 of september 2019 i will be available for private tours in between my tours with Lofoten tours. My private tour calender will be announced soon on this site.

Prices and more information about my private tour on request !

If you want to join a workshop around the world, hit the link "Lofoten tours" and you will be sent direct to they're website where you get information about different workshop. Promises you one thing....... its really really fun !




Unique photo workshops and tours focusing on the Arctic landscapes of Lofoten, Norway, guided by locals Stian Klo & Arild Heitmann.

Lofoten Tours was established in 2013 as a collaborative effort between award-winning Norwegian landscape photographers Stian Klo and Arild Heitmann. The company has since risen to become the leading tour company in Arctic Norway for pure photography tours and workshops. Being one of the only local operators in the market we take great pride in offering the best product available. Our in-depth knowledge about locations, weather and light conditions make us a supreme act in the photography tour business. Knowing where and when the Northern Lights erupts is our speciality, and we will go the extra mile for each client. Feel free to read testimonials/feedback from previous clients at the bottom of the page.

We work closely together with great photographers. Together we run tours and workshops to Lofoten, Senja, Iceland, Greenland, Faroe Islands, & Italy. Take your photography skills to the next level together with us - not only will we guide you to hidden local treasures, but we will also provide in field tutoring and customized post processing tutorials.

Our work has been licensed and featured by Apple, Nike, Instagram, Canon, National Geographic, BBC, Lonely Planet and lots more.

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